Most expensive Qing dynasty Chinese vase

This 18th century Qing dynasty Chinese vase is believed to be the most expensive Chinese jar ever sold, a private buyer from mainland China using an agent paid $83 million dollars for it at BainBridges, a small auction house based in West London.

The anonymous buyer paid $68 million for the vase and %20 commission fees to the auction house, making it a total of $83 million, it is the highest price ever paid for any Chinese artwork.

Most expensive Chinese artwork

Most expensive Chinese artwork

The Chinese vase had been with an English family for 80 years, though they do not know how it was acquired and was found all dusty by the sister and nephew of a deceased elderly woman while clearing out the house.

According to the auction house, this 16-inch-high Chinese vase painted sky blue and imperial yellow and adorned with medallions depicting leaping goldfish was made in the mid to late-18th century, around 1740 during the reign of the fourth emperor in the Qing dynasty, Qianlong. Chinese collectors consider this period of porcelains the zenith of their art.

18th Century Qing dinasty vase

18th Century Qing dynasty vase

The vase is reticulated and double-walled, there is an inner vase that can be viewed through the perforations of the main body.

It would have resided in the Chinese Royal Palace and was probably fired in the imperial kilns, made for the personal collection of Emperor Qianlong and bearing the imperial seal, experts said it was an exceptional piece.

18th Century Qing dynasty Chinese vase

Emperor Qianlong Chinese vase